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Wal Walker, a descendant of Darcy, tells his family story of the enduring romance between Jane and Darcy, lifting the veil of secrecy that has hidden their love story for over two hundred years.

Portrait of Wal Walker

Among the many new books written to celebrate the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s death, an unheralded contribution from Australia, Jane & D’Arcy, tells the Wentworth family story, never before made public, of the teenage romance of Jane Austen and D’Arcy Wentworth.

Jane & D’Arcy reveals the story of the enduring love of Jane Austen for the real Mr Darcy, D’Arcy Wentworth. He remained the fixed star in Jane’s firmament, and their enduring romance inspired much of her writing. D’Arcy left England in 1790 for the colony of New South Wales while Jane remained in Steventon, in her father’s rectory. In their separation, in time, their lives blossomed, each within their narrow confines. It was as if their parting gave them the opportunity to fulfil their destiny.

Jane Austen went on to publish and hand to posterity, novels to amaze the whole room. D’Arcy, an Irish surgeon, became a leader in the early colony of New South Wales, and an advocate for the rights of the convicts and emancipists. His eldest son, William Charles, the Native Son, was the liberator of New South Wales from British colonial rule.

Jane & D’Arcy is in two volumes, Folly is Not Always Folly and Such Talent & Such Success. It tells the long hidden story of their romance and adventures. It will move and delight Jane Austen’s readers.